Press Release: CAMCD announces certification schedule and formal complaint process

Press Release: CAMCD announces certification schedule and formal complaint process
June 22, 2015 admin

CAMCD Press Release June 22 2015

Vancouver, BC, June 22 2015 Today, the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) released their summer inspection schedule for the On-site Survey portions of the CAMCD Certification Program. Beginning in 2011, CAMCD, Canadians for Safe Access, and the University of British Columbia began developing the CAMCD Standards and Certification Program with the generous assistance of a Peter Wall Solutions Initiative grant. The CAMCD Certification Program is a rigorous and thorough accreditation program that required both the development of implementation procedures, and Inspectors trained in those procedures. CAMCD is pleased to announce that this phase is now complete.

On-Site Survey Summer Schedule

July 3 2015 – Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club
July 13 2015 – The Toronto Compassion Club
July 14 2015 – Cannabis as Living Medicine
August 6 2015 – British Columbia Compassion Club Society

CAMCD also announced the launch of its official complaint and enforcement initiative. Starting today a formal process for registering complaints, comments, or concerns regarding CAMCD certification or trade members will be available. “This process is not meant to replace or supersede any complaint apparatus individual dispensaries may have,” said the group’s President Jamie Shaw, “it’s really meant as a way for the public to inform of us of any issues they find they are unable to resolve, or concerns they may have.” CAMCD continues to reserve the right to sanction or revoke the membership or certification of any dispensary that is found to not be in compliance.

CAMCD also reaffirmed its commitment to both dispensaries and stakeholders. “We believe that by working together, we can all create an industry that is focused on patients, and is transparent and accountable to them.” Shaw added.

CAMCD is a non-profit trade association for medical cannabis dispensaries founded in 2011.

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