October 2012 CAMCD Update

October 2012 CAMCD Update
October 24, 2012 Dieter MacPherson

1) Get Certified! Join CAMCD!
2) CAMCD needs a COO! Apply today!
3) CAMCD now lobbying in BC and ON
4) CAMCD Standards and Certification consultation results
5) Tax expert opinion on applicability of GST/HST to medical cannabis

1) Get Certified! Join CAMCD!

CAMCD is pleased to announce that starting November 15th 2012, medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada can apply for CAMCD certification!

Our Standards and Certification Program (SCP) offers medical cannabis dispensaries the opportunity to become accredited.

The development and evaluation of this program is being supported by the Standards, Engagement, Evaluation and Dissemination (SEED) Project through a grant from the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative at the University of British Columbia. Standards have been developed with input from dispensaries, patients, health care professionals, and community stakeholders including policy makers at various levels of government.

Accreditation is essential for increasing the legitimacy of medical cannabis dispensaries and integrating our budding sector into the greater economy. Our SCP will support dispensaries in improving the quality of patient care they deliver. Accreditation will also enhance the support of dispensaries among key stakeholders such as: patients, health care professionals, government, and law enforcement. Results of a survey conducted during the CAMCD/SEED project consultations indicate that policy makers and healthcare professionals’ support for medical cannabis dispensaries would increase if dispensaries were certified.

CAMCD certification will help patients and their health care providers identify the professional, patient-centered medical cannabis dispensaries nearest them. Patients can rest assured that a certified medical cannabis dispensary has been audited and is operating according to industry standards and best-practices.

CAMCD’s SCP is a rigorous program. The SCP includes almost 200 checkpoints, including several required organizational practices, distributed across the different areas of a medical cannabis dispensary.

The certification process consists of:

MCD submitting the Standards and Certification Program Application.

MCD completing the Self Survey and returning it to CAMCD with supporting documentation.

A SCP surveyor will visit the MCD to conduct a Primary Survey. If the MCD passes, it will receive its Primary Certification which is valid for 1 year, and can apply to join CAMCD;

A SCP surveyor will return to the medical cannabis dispensary to conduct a Full Survey. If the MCD passes, it will receive its Full Certification which is valid for 3 years.

MCDs can access CAMCD staff for support during the accreditation process.

Check camcd.ca on November 15th to download the application!

Don’t hesitate to contact CAMCD if you have any questions.

2) Employment Opportunity – CAMCD COO. Apply today!

Between Oct. 25 and Nov. 14 CAMCD will be accepting applications for the position of Chief Operating Officer. For more information, please view the employment posting here: http://www.camcd-acdcm.ca/2012/10/camcd-is-hiring-a-chief-operating-officer-apply-today/

3) CAMCD now lobbying in BC and ON

CAMCD has expanded its lobbying campaign from the national level to the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

Federally, CAMCD is continuing to track the proposed reforms to the Marihuana Medical Access Program (MMAP) and expect the draft regulations to be released for consultation by the end of 2012.

In Ontario, CAMCD is focusing on integrating the on-site distribution of medical cannabis into a provincial regulatory framework which could be connected to the MMAP. We believe that by working with the province of Ontario we can demonstrate the benefits of on-site distribution over the courier based distribution being proposed within the reformed MMAP.

In British Columbia CAMCD will also be focusing on the regulatory integration of on-site dispensing. Additionally, CAMCD will be lobbying the Government of British Columbia to add medical cannabis to the provincial drug benefit formulary. This would be a direct way for government to address the cost concerns expressed by patients.

CAMCD is very excited to expand its efforts and we look forward to continuing discussions with all three governments.

4) CAMCD Standards and Certification consultation results

On June 28 and 29, 2012 CAMCD, in co-ordination with the SEED Project, held consultations in Vancouver to seek feedback from dispensaries, patients and community stakeholders on the proposed standards and certification program. The results of the consultation have been prepared by CAMCD and the SEED Project and can be viewed here: http://cannarx.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/CAMCD_SEED_CONSULTATIONXREPORT_SeptX2012.pdf

Additionally, a community stakeholder survey report has been prepared by CAMCD and the SEED Project and can be viewed here: http://cannarx.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SEEDXReport_StakeholderXConsultationXSurvey_OctX2012XX1X.pdf

5) Tax expert opinion on applicability of GST/HST to medical cannabis

CAMCD has obtained a legal opinion from David Sherman, Canada’s leading authority on GST/HST, that no GST/HST is payable on medical cannabis. CAMCD has been working behind the scenes for two years to clarify this important issue which may seriously impact upon patients and providers.

To read the full legal opinion, please click here: http://www.camcd-acdcm.ca/2012/09/does-gsthst-apply-to-medical-cannabis/


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