Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Concerned About Quality of Patient Care Under Proposed Regulations

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Concerned About Quality of Patient Care Under Proposed Regulations
December 16, 2012 Dieter MacPherson

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The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) is encouraged to see that a number of its recommendations have been adopted by Health Canada in their proposed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), but there are still gaps to be filled.

“Health Canada has incorporated many of our recommendations, including on-site dispensing, the inclusion of Nurse Practitioners, and an expanded role for provinces in the regulation of this healthcare service,” said Rade Kovacevic, CAMCD President. “We presented a successful community-based dispensary program whose integrity must be maintained for the good of the over 30,000 patients being served across Canada.”

Research suggests that over 50% of medical marijuana program participants obtain their medicine through dispensaries, which for over 15 years have filled the void between a patient’s right to access and the lack of an adequate supply. “Dispensaries provide alternative delivery methods such as marijuana muffins and extracts, as well as important education on safe and effective use,” said Kovacevic.

“CAMCD remains concerned that patients will continue facing barriers to access,” he continued. “Affordability remains unaddressed, medical associations remain reluctant to endorse the government program, and there are no provisions for non-smoking alternatives such as baked goods and tinctures.”

“Dispensaries have worked diligently for over a decade to transition this marketplace into a legal framework,” continued Kovacevic. “CAMCD remains committed to supporting dispensaries as we move forward into a new chapter of this program.”

CAMCD is a not-for-profit corporation established to promote a regulated, community-based approach to medical cannabis access, and to support dispensaries in the provision of high quality patient care across Canada.


Media Contact:
English: Rade Kovacevic, President – 519-780-7830
Français: Adam Greenblatt, Director – 514-830-1331


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