Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Continue Meetings with Health Canada

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Continue Meetings with Health Canada
September 7, 2011 Dieter MacPherson

Vancouver, BC


Today the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) will be meeting with Health Canada officials in Vancouver to discuss the proposed changes to the Marihuana Medical Access Program (MMAP). The roundtables are part of a consultation process launched by the federal government in June of this year. The meetings today in Vancouver follow meetings held in Montreal in mid-August.

“Medical Cannabis Dispensaries have been in operation for over a decade and have been providing a high standard of care for patients, filling the gaps in Health Canada’s program”, said Rielle Capler, an advisory board member of CAMCD. “CAMCD looks forward to lending our expertise to Health Canada in order to develop a regulatory framework that is patient centred and resolves the current constitutional quagmire.”

CAMCD is formalizing standards and certification for medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada. “The proposed amendments to the MMAP are in line with CAMCD’s standards and certification,” according to Rielle Capler. “Health Canada and CAMCD are both working to address stakeholder concerns”.

“By including dispensaries in the regulatory framework, Health Canada will ensure that patients have safe and reliable access to this medicine,” articulated Rielle Capler. “CAMCD is pleased to continue contributing its expertise towards the development of the new regulatory framework”.

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries is a not-for-profit corporation established to promote a regulated community-based approach to medical cannabis access, and to support medical cannabis dispensaries in the provision of high quality patient care across Canada.


Media Contact:
Rielle Capler, MHA: 604-818-4082

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