Historic Consultations on the Regulation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to be held in Vancouver

Historic Consultations on the Regulation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to be held in Vancouver
June 26, 2012 Dieter MacPherson

Consultation meetings with community stakeholders, policy-makers, patients and dispensaries will be
held on June 28th and 29th at UBC’s Robson Square campus in downtown Vancouver. It will be the
first time that representatives from British Columbia ’s 30+ dispensaries will gather to discuss selfregulation
of community-based medical cannabis access. It will also be the first glimpse of the
standards and certification program being developed by the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis
Dispensaries (CAMCD).

The consultations are part of the Medical Cannabis: Standards, Engagement, Evaluation and
Dissemination (SEED) project. The project is a collaboration of the Canadian Association of Medical
Cannabis Dispensaries, Canadians for Safe Access, and researchers from University of British
Columbia and is funded by the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative(1), which focuses on practical and
innovative solutions to societal problems.

Medical cannabis dispensaries have existed in Canada for over a decade, providing community-based
access to this medicine to thousands of critically and chronically ill individuals. However, these health
services providers have not been incorporated into the Health Canada national regulatory framework
for medical cannabis and they remain unregulated.

“Certification of dispensaries based on collaboratively developed standards will help ensure product
safety, improve patient education, and support strategies that promote the safe and effective use of
medical cannabis” said Rielle Capler, who represents CAMCD as a co-investigator on the project .
“The self-regulation of dispensaries is a necessary step to integrate this patient-centered health delivery
model into the national regulatory framework.”

“Surveys suggest that dispensaries are an integral part of safe access to medical cannabis for critically
and chronically ill Canadians” said Philippe Lucas, who represents Canadians for Safe Access (CSA)
as a co-investigator on this project. “A well-developed certification program will increase transparency
and accountability to this rapidly growing patient group and support safe access to medical cannabis in

“The grant from the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative will increase the capacity of CAMCD to develop a
self-regulatory program for dispensaries”, states the principal investigator on the study, Zach Walsh, a
researcher at the Okanagan campus of UBC, and co-director of the Centre for the Advancement of
Psychological Science and Law “The ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of people
living in Canada by enhancing safe access to medical cannabis.”

Rielle Capler, CAMCD: rielle@telus.net, 604-818-4082

(1) – The Peter Wall Solutions Initiative (PWSI) enables UBC faculty to team with community organizations in order to address issues of societal importance through innovative, interdisciplinary and academically rigorous research projects. The PWSI is supported by the Peter Wall Endowment to UBC. http://research.ubc.ca/vpri/ubc-peter-wall-solutions-initiative.


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