Dispensary Association Offers Expertise to MP Blair

Dispensary Association Offers Expertise to MP Blair
January 11, 2016 admin

Welcomes Coming Consultation Process on Cannabis

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) commends the Liberal government for continued momentum toward cannabis legalization with Friday’s announcement that MP Bill Blair will lead broad-based consultations under the Minister of Justice.

“We are pleased this government has reaffirmed its dedication to an evidence-based approach and we are confident that the knowledge and experience of dispensaries will help this government develop excellent public policy,” said CAMCD President Jamie Shaw. “Previous cannabis regulations did not include input from some key stakeholders, and it took many long and costly court battles to force the government to act on the evidence.”

“Community-based dispensaries are the proven and preferred retail model for medicinal and recreational cannabis in an ever-growing number of jurisdictions, and we are supportive of Blair’s commitment to learning from these experiences,” said Shaw. As an example, Shaw noted that other jurisdictions have kept the sales of cannabis separate from alcohol.

Canadian dispensaries have over twenty years of experience handling retail cannabis sales, and have been supported by the courts and the Senate. CAMCD was established in 2011 as a non-profit organization to support dispensaries in providing high quality products and patient care through its Certification Program.

“As the only organization in Canada with actual experience regulating dispensaries and consulting with municipal regulators around dispensary licensing, CAMCD is looking forward to participating with the task force,” said Shaw. “Legislation based on our knowledge and expertise will ensure that the impact on patients will be carefully considered.”

CAMCD would like to see small and medium-sized businesses included in legislation moving forward. Shaw said that “Transitioning the pre-existing dispensaries and their suppliers into the new legal market is the key to effective legalization.”




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Jamie Shaw, CAMCD President