Cannabis Dispensaries meet with Health Canada Officials on Marihuana Medical Access Program

Cannabis Dispensaries meet with Health Canada Officials on Marihuana Medical Access Program
August 17, 2011 Dieter MacPherson

Montreal, QC


Cannabis Dispensaries meet with Health Canada Officials on Marihuana Medical Access Program

Representatives of Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, also known as “compassion clubs”, met with Health Canada officials today in Montreal as part of the Government’s consultation process to discuss much needed amendments to the federal Marihuana Medical Access Program.

In 1999, Health Canada established the Marihuana Medical Access Program to provide seriously ill Canadians suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses with access to a legal source of dried cannabis for medical purposes. Over the years there have been numerous problems associated with the Program and the ability of patients to access cannabis for their medical conditions.

“We believe the proposed improvements put forward by the Government are in-line with our own community‐based dispensary model,” said Adam Greenblatt, a representative from the Medical Cannabis Access Society and a Director of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD). “The remaining gaps can be filled by including dispensaries in the new framework,” Greenblatt said.

The Montreal Roundtable provided an important venue for dispensaries to provide advice on how to improve the Marihuana Medical Access Program through enhanced industry standards and best practices. Dispensaries also provide specialized education on the safe and effective use of medical cannabis, in addition to other ancillary health and social services.

CAMCD believes that its Standards and Certification process will provide the ideal platform to merge the current national network of medical cannabis dispensaries with an improved Marihuana Medical Access Program. “Our best practices go above and beyond the scope of the proposed amendments to the Program,” Greenblatt said. “Our standards will ensure higher quality patient care, improve access, safety and security, while reducing costs to government.”

CAMCD supports federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq in creating a legal framework that includes medical cannabis dispensaries in order to provide the highest quality of patient care. “It is heartening to see the Government finally drawing on our considerable expertise in this field,” said Greenblatt. “We look forward to meaningful participation throughout the consultation process.”


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Les dispensaires rencontrent Santé Canada concernant le règlement d’accès à la marijuana médicale

17 août 2011


L’association canadienne de dispensaires de cannabis médical croit que les amendements proposés au règlement d’accès à la marijuana vont dans le sens du modèle de dispensaires communautaires. Les lacunes peuvent être comblées en incluant les dispensaires dans une nouvelle réglementation. Les dispensaires fournissent un accès fiable et sécuritaire au cannabis médical. “Nous sommes heureux de fournir notre expertise et nous anticipons une participation assidue au processus de consultation” dit Adam Greenblatt, un directeur de l’ACDCM, établi à Montréal.


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