Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Unite to Establish National Standards

Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Unite to Establish National Standards
May 31, 2011 Dieter MacPherson


Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Unite to Establish National Standards

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) has been established to ensure consistently high quality patient care is available across the country. This new association is creating a certification system for dispensaries as a viable solution to Health Canada’s failed medical marijuana program.

Health Canada’s medical marijuana program was recently dealt another critical setback in Ontario Superior Court on April 11th of this year. Seven court cases to date have found the federal program constitutionally inadequate during its decade of operation.

“Our innovative service delivery model has been successful for 15 years. Now is a crucial time to come together to create a nation-wide system to ensure the highest standard of care for patients,” said Rade Kovacevic, a founding director of CAMCD from the Medical Cannabis Centre of Guelph Inc. Together the nine founding directors and advisory board members represent over 20,000 patients who access dispensaries.

According to Rielle Capler, a health care administrator and advisory board member, CAMCD is comparable to a professional association or college that supports and regulates its membership according to best practices developed in an industry. “Our association is dedicated to facilitating the transition of medical cannabis dispensaries to a fully licit and regulated healthcare service,” said Capler. “The need for this has been identified by health care providers and patients alike.”

“The provision of medical cannabis should be recognized as an important health care service,” said Marc-Boris St. Maurice, a founding director of CAMCD from the Montreal Compassion Centre. “We want to relieve the government of this burden. Dispensaries are a cost-effective alternative health care delivery option. Our model offers better quality medicine, better support for patients and provides a solution to all these expensive court cases.”

“We look forward to working with law enforcement, patient and health care provider groups, different levels of government and other stakeholders,” declared Kovacevic, who said the association will be sending out invitations for input. “We want to seize this opportunity to bring medical marijuana out of the legal grey zones and constitutional quagmires, and into the light of a well-regulated, accountable industry that can fully meet the needs of the many thousands of patients who benefit from this medicine.”

CAMCD announced its launch today at the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa.

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