CAMCD Membership Application

Why is there a CAMCD Membership?

The CAMCD Membership was created to ensure voting parity among members of different sizes.  One (1) CAMCD Membership is allowed for every group of affiliated dispensaries; whether you have 1 or 5 dispensaries in your group, there is one CAMCD Membership. Affiliated dispensaries include dispensaries which are:

  • Doing business in the same name as another dispensary;

  • Directed by a board of directors having three (3) or more members in common with another dispensary; or

  • Owned, operated or otherwise directed by the same person or persons as another dispensary.


CAMCD Membership includes the ability to:

  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting;

  • Run for a position on the CAMCD board of directors (must be eligible for nomination pursuant to the Criteria for Eligibility as a Board Member);

  • Sit on Committees and participate within the CAMCD organization as specified by the board of directors;

  • Participate within the organization as directed by the board of directors.

CAMCD Membership application starts below

  • Designate 1

    The organization’s default representative at CAMCD’s AGM
  • Designate 2

    An alternate designated contact person
  • By signing this CAMCD Membership Application, the applicant:

    - Agrees with CAMCD’s purpose as stated in our constitution and bylaws,
    - Desires to be a member of the organization,
    - Will, at a minimum, meet CAMCD’s Recommended Organizational Practices,
    - Has the authority to authorize designates under this application,
    - Agrees to receive written notice of CAMCD meetings via email which will be sent to the email address provided for Designate 1.