CAMCD is excited to announce the launch of the CAMCD Certification Program for MCDs

CAMCD is excited to announce the launch of the CAMCD Certification Program for MCDs
November 19, 2012 Dieter MacPherson

Apply today!

Applications will be accepted starting today and must be submitted with the program registration fee of $1600, payable by cheque, certified money order, or email money transfer. This initial fee covers the application fee and the self-assessment phase of the program. Any applicant that is found to be ineligible will be issued a refund of the admittance fee excluding the nonrefundable application fee of $150.

The Application Form and Cover letter are available for download by clicking here.

CAMCD Dispensary Certification gives patients, physicians and stakeholders peace of mind that the certified dispensary is professional, responsible and taking part in a national dialogue around medical cannabis regulations. The CAMCD Certification Program brings renewed legitimacy and oversight to dispensaries, helping to cement the medical cannabis sector as an important part of Canada’s economy.

The CAMCD Certification Program is a rigorous accreditation program for medical cannabis dispensaries, the first of its kind in Canada. CAMCD invites dispensaries that are currently in operation, as well as groups and individuals who are interested in opening a dispensary, to participate in this unique opportunity to become certified dispensaries. Program participants will be listed by a verifiable link on the CAMCD website and will set themselves apart as leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

The CAMCD Certification Program consists of three progressive phases as participants work towards satisfying all CAMCD dispensary standards: A self-assessment phase followed by two on-site surveys to achieve a one-year certification followed by a three-year certification. Program participants will receive support and feedback throughout the process.


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