CAMCD Comments on Proposed Regulations, Victoria BC

CAMCD Comments on Proposed Regulations, Victoria BC
November 17, 2015 admin

Victoria Releases Staff Report on Proposed Regulations

With the announcement yesterday of Victoria’s draft regulations for medical cannabis dispensaries, the city is poised to become the third municipality in BC to license these businesses.

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) congratulates city staff for all their hard work up to this point. “The report was very thorough,” said Dieter MacPherson, a Director of CAMCD who has been spearheading the organization’s efforts in Victoria. “While we don’t agree with all of the recommended bylaws, we’re generally pleased that options were outlined in the report, and we look forward to further consultations.”

Of particular concern are the proposed restrictions to all forms of derivatives outside of capsules, tinctures and oils said MacPherson, “The supreme court was very clear on this matter. Patient have the right to other form of this medicine, such as baked goods”. MacPherson also noted concerns about restrictions on mail-order or deliveries, that would impede access for some patients.

Earlier in the week, council had reviewed a motion to delay looking at this issue until the new federal government announced its plans for the legalization of cannabis. CAMCD’s President Jamie Shaw said, “We think they made the right choice in not putting this off,” citing the exponential growth of medical cannabis dispensaries over the last two years. “Municipalities across the country should be looking at what type of zoning and licensing requirements they would like to see.”

Shaw also added that the organization was disappointed in the leadership in some jurisdictions. “We would hope that other municipalities would see the senselessness of expending resources on cannabis infractions in these last days of prohibition,” said Shaw. “Particularly in the targeting of dispensaries serving those with medical need.”


The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries was founded in 2010 to promote patient-focused, community-based distribution models. The organization launched a certification program in 2013, and a Trade Membership Program earlier this year.

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